Haussner’s Restaurant

Exterior Postcard

William Henry Haussner opened Haussner’s Restaurant on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore in 1926. The restaurant quickly became known for its expansive menu and signature strawberry pie, but eventually it was the restaurant’s vast collection of art that made it a true laHaussnersWaitressndmark. William’s wife, Frances Wilke Haussner, purchased the first painting, Eugene de Blaas’ “Venetian Flower Vendor,” in 1939. When the restaurant closed in 1999, the collection included over 100 pieces which were auctioned by Sotheby’s for $10 million.

As this tour demonstrates, many years of neglect have taken a serious toll on the building. A local developer has recently purchased the property and is redeveloping it into a mixed-use, retail and residential  project.

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